Stefanie – December 21, 2012

Susan does all the thinking for you and is super efficient. She gets to know her clients so she knows exactly what will benefit you in your current situation, without your having to ask. She knows which documents to remind me to submit. Consistent with her thoughtfulness, she anticipates rather than reacts; for instance, she encouraged me to update my withholding at work upon getting married so I wouldn’t take a hit later. She gave us a breakdown of how much our refund would be filing singly or jointly as a newly married couple (and whose share was whose for the latter). Her use of technology facilitates the process–I can email her documents as they become available–and expedites the refund. Susan is the best!

Robert – February 19, 2013

Just a quick note to thank you for your dedication in providing knowledgeable service in preparing my taxes. I have absolutely no reservations in recommending you to any of my friends and business associates for all their tax needs.

Thank you again and best regards

Michael – November 19, 2015

Sue is a great! She is always available, I even have her cell phone number.  Her advice is always sound and Sue’s depth of knowledge goes beyond numbers and accounting.  If you are looking for an someone who can provide tax help and much more then Susan Murry, MAQ Tax is right for you.